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Numondo Coffee – ‘Best Coffee from its birthplace’

Numondo Coffee is an emerging coffee farming, processing and marketing social enterprise, established by renowned entrepreneurs in Ethiopia who specialized in horticulture, marketing and tourism. The company is also working with a number of coffee producers in Ethiopia in a bid ...

Welcome to the Capital City of Africa

Since its establishment in the 19th century, Addis Ababa (አዲስ አበባ) has always seemed like a magical portal, a gateway to another world. For the rural masses of Ethiopia it was, and is, a city whose streets are paved in gold; for a foreign visitor, the gateway of Addis Ababa is at the verge of […]

Bale Mountains

Get closer to the rarest wolf in the world from the highest all weather road in Africa, 4000m above sea level. On the high Sanetti plateau, where the clouds hover over the sky and enjoy to be on top of the world. The Bale Mountain National Park is home to more locally endemic species of mammals than any other area of equivalent size on the planet.

Rock Hewn Churches of Tigray

The majority of these churches have been hewn out of the sandstone but not cut free from the rock so that, when you look up from the plain, in most cases they are not visible but you can walk easily from one to the other espe- cially on the Geralta Mountains.

Danakil Depression

Wonder around Erta Ale active volcano, and a rarity in the whole world for it is one of the only four volcanoes that have an active Lake of molten Lava in their summit crater .At this time the southern Lava Lake is more ac- tive and developing ever changing at the surrounding fissures .The level of both the Lava Lakes vary


Together we want to make life better for the inhabitants of Buge, a small village in South Ethiopia. Since Thereza was born here and lived here until she was five years old, we focus on this specific village. The inhabitants are her friends and family. Buge Bouge is not a development cooperation

The Tribes of the Lower Omo River Valley

This part of the country posses the cultural part of the tourism industry and is home of many indigenous, diverse and fascinating peoples and culture with over some 45 lan- guages spoken by different ethnic origin. The southern region is rich in culture and diverse indigenous ethnic groups.


Lalibela “the Jerusalem Blacks “ and “ the Pe- tra of Africa “ is a small town situated to 2500m of altitude ,where 100,000 people live basically of subsistence from agriculture and Tourism . It is famous for its array of eleven churches carved from a single blocks of rock exposure, between the late eleventh century and early twelfth, carved from Red Tuff. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site.


The fabled seat of the Queen of Sheba and the reputed home of the Arc of the covenant .Axum used to be the capital city of the ancient Axumite Kingdom and a place to see giant granite carved stelae. It is the most mystic land with unexplored treasuries still to come out by the world scientists.
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