Bale Mountains

Get closer to the rarest wolf in the world from the highest all weather road in Africa, 4000m above sea level. On the high Sanetti plateau, where the clouds hover over the sky and enjoy to be on top of the world.

The Bale Mountain National Park is home to more locally endemic species of mammals than any other area of equivalent size on the planet. It belongs to the Bale-Arsi Massif, which forms the western part of the southeastern Ethiopian highlands .A large part of the park is above 3000m.a.s.l and actually this is the larg- est area at this altitude in Africa.

The mountains preserve habitat and sustain life of many endemic and endangered species .It is home for the five distinctive mammals namely Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala, Bale Monkeys, Giant Mole Rat and Meneliks Bushbuck.

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