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Are you in Addis Ababa on business and have time for only the highlights of Ethiopia? Or, do you live in Addis Ababa and only have weekends to visit some interesting places of Ethiopia in just 1 or 2 days? Then we have something for you to help you explore the highlights of Ethiopia and sample its amazing destinations, be it over the weekend or anytime during the week.

Our short tours and weekend trips are well crafted by our experts to help you discover some of the most fascinating places to visit in and around Addis Ababa in the short time you have. From nature and wildlife tours, bird watching excursions, mountain trekking, a wildlife safari, a cultural tour , an adventure, you name it we have something unique for everybody. Below is the list of some of our short tours. If you can’t find what you’re looking from the combination of two days tour, email us and we will plan something together with you.

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Day 1,Melka Konture

Melka Konture prehistoric sites, rock hewn churches of Adadi Mariam and the Tiya UNESCO ancient stelae site. Overnight at Ziway Haile Resort Lake Side Hotel.

Day 1,Mount Wenchi Crater Lake, Ambo and Menagesha –suba state forest.

Early morning drive to Wenchi Crater Lake and Menagesha forest. Wenchi is the most beautiful Crater Lake located, southwest of Shewa with in the Oromia region, is 141 Km from Addis Abeba and 27 Km south of Ambo. The caldera is huge 4.8 * 4 Km with the surface of the Lake about 450 m below the rim. Besides the Lake and Farm Land of the community there are also options to visit waterfalls, hot springs, forests, valleys and islands. One of the islands holds the old St. Cherkos Monastery that can be reached by ferry boat /walk /horse riding. Overnight accommodation outside Wenchi are Negash Lodge in Woliso /Ambo Hotel . Camp Sites in the crater around Wenchi.

Day 2,Menagesha –Suba Forest

On your return back to Addis stay/visit and take the trail from Suba village around Menagesha –Suba Forest ( Area = 2,500 Ha , distance from Addis 45 Km and Altitude range is about 2,300m – 3,000m ) which is positioned on the south west slope of Mount Wechecha , an extinct volcano. The natural forest rises to over 3,000 m where Afro alpine vegetation is to be found. Many of the giant junipers were planted as seedlings at the time of Emperor Zara Yacob’s reign from 1434 – 1468. The village at the entrance is known as Suba. Thirty- two species of mammals have been identified including the endemic Sub species Menelik Bushbuck, starck Hare, and white footed Rat. Other interesting species includes Guereza Monkey, Bush Pig, serval, carcal Leopard and Klipspringers in the crater are. Late afternoon return back to Addis.

Day 1,Debre Libanos Gorge, Monastery and Portuguese Bridge.

Excursion trips take you to westward to Debre Libanos Monastery founded by St.Tekle Haymanot in 1284. The monastery is an important element to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as it was because the Etcheuge (Abbot or Hegumen) of the monastery was responsible for the administration and properties of the church during the appointment of Egyptian Abunas. There is also another site to be visited in a walking distance, Portuguese Bridge from the 16th century and the gorge at Debre Libanos funnels a tributary of Blue Nile and provides wonderful view with the Gelada Baboons and many bird varieties. Overnight at Ethio-German park Hotel

Day 2,Chancho Muger Gorge

Enjoy the final part of the drive into Addis enters via the town of Chancho ,from where to drive to the Muger Gorge and turn off to the village of Durba ,where you will have the chance to see a 100m waterfall and the Gorge of Muger river .The area is also famous for Geladas and Birds .Return back to Addis.

Day 1,Arsi National Park

Early Morning drive to Arsi National Park which is found in Arsi and western Arsi zone. The park is sub divided in to 4 blocks. These are dera-Dilfekar, Chilalo-Galema, Kaka and Honkolo blocks, Due to the presence of these blocks the park has different agro ecological zones (Kola, Waynadega and Dega). Arsi Mountain National Park is the nearest park to Addis Ababa than others. Today we visit Dera Dilfekar Block, its 15 k/m from the Sodere resort center in the south west; the block is found in the lowland which is situated in 1300 to 1841 meters above sea level. This makes the block to be visited all over the year. There are about 25 wild mammals and more than 189 birds are recorded. those are dominated by Greater kudu, Lesser kudu, Spotted hyena, Golden back Jackal, Abyssinian hare, Leopard, Warthog, Grivet monkey, Anubis baboon, Leopard, Grey Duiker, etc, from birds, little bee eater, black wood hoopoe, grey wood peaker, Grey headed sparrow, shinning sun bird, Rupp ells long tailed starling, Red checked corden blue, Speckled mouse bird, ring necked dove, black kite, Long crested eagle, etc. Overnight: in Sodere resort Hotel.

Day 2,Sodere

Before return back to Addis enjoy at resort of Sodere, at 1,360m altitude many hot springs that occur there. Right alongside the River Awash hot springs burst out of the volcanic hill-side. Various baths for washing, together with huge swimming pool, filled with an abundance of fresh hot spring water .It retains a charm not easily found elsewhere.

Desalegn Mesele

I am Desalegn Mesele, resident of Addis owner and managing director of Numondo Tour and Travel. I have been working in the tourism industry in Ethiopia for more than 10 years and am able to share my knowledge and experiences. Most of that time has been spent guiding travelers, helping them to experience our Ethiopian culture, lifestyle and hopefully changing their perceptions of Ethiopia. My recognized ability to communicate with people from many different backgrounds, cultures and countries has enabled me to lead both lecture and tour groups with great success and acclaim. I am fluent in some local vernaculars and possess a very good command of the English language. Now my main career objective is to play a more significant role in promoting Ethiopia specifically through tourism, by utilizing my vast experience and knowledge. I am offering travelers a unique and exclusive glimpse of my Country, accompanied by me as their personal tour guide in Ethiopia. Being flexible, having fun and making sure that my travelers’ get the most from their vacation is my primary focus and goal.

Jeff Hubbard South America

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  • Check In : 01 January, 2020
  • Check Out : 31 December, 2020
  • Duration : 1 Nights, 2 Day
  • Person : 10 Person
  • Availability : 40
  • Price : $-
  • Location : Addis Ababa, Adadi Mariam, Zeway, Tiya UNESCO ancient stelae site, Melkakuntre

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Are you in Addis Ababa on business and have time for only the highlights of Ethiopia? Or, do you live in Addis Ababa and only have weekends to visit some interesting places of Ethiopia in just 1 or 2 days? Then we have something for you to help you explore the highlights of Ethiopia and sample its amazing destinations, be it over the weekend or anytime during the week.


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