As part of our social responsibility effort, Numondo tour and travel with its umbrella company, Numondo Trading and Buge Bouge, a Belgian charity forged a strategy partnership to improve the lively-hood of communities in the Buge village found in the southern part of Ethiopia.

In general in collaboration with our strategic partner we help the community in this village by providing better housing, improved agriculture, and education.

Moreover, this specific village is also known for the fact that many families, mothers gave up their siblings for adoption and there are considerable number of families who lacked contact with their loved one due unavailability of means of communication with the adoptees.

Many Ethiopian parents would love to find out some news about the children they gave up for adoption. It is our collaborations greatest desire to rejoin these children and their adoptive parents with their biological families in Buge. In order to achieve this, we are working together with all concerned stakeholder to make families reunite after separated for so long by adoption.